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What is ES6

ES6 is a short form of ECMAScript 6. Its also called ECMAScript 2015.
Before we dive deep into ECS6 let's have a general overview of ECMAScript.

  1. ECMAScript is the mother of all scripting languages.

  2. ECMAScript is language specification by ECMAScript International.

  3. ECMAScript specifies the rules, description, and guidelines that a scripting language must comply with it.

  4. JavaScript, JScript, Typescript are language derived from ECMAScript

ES6 or ECMAScript6 is a scripting language specification which is standardized by ECMAScript International. It is used by the applications to enable client-side as well as server side like Node.js scripting language.

ES6 offers you the facility to make the code more modern and readable. By using ES6 features, we write less and do more, so the term ' Write less, do more' suits ES6. ES6 has brought several new features such as scope variables, arrow functions, template strings, class destructions, modules, etc.

ES6 was launched to standardize JavaScript to support own implementations. JavaScript has been the best known implementation of ECMAScript since it was first launched. Though there are other scripting languages also  such  as Jscript and ActionScript  but these are not that much popular as compared to Javascript.


The ECMAScript specification was developed by Brendan Eich. He is an American programmer. He is the same person who had created the Javascript programming language for Netscape. Netscape Navigator browser was launched by the same company.

In the beginning, the ECMAScript was called Mocha. It was later called LiveScript and then its called JavaScript. In December 1995,Sun Microsystems and Netscape released the JavaScript during a press release.Sunmicrosystems is the same company which has developed Java, a powerful and popular programming language currently owned by Oracle.

In 1996 Netscape discussed the project with ECMA International standard organization to improve the standardization of JavaScript

ECMA General Assembly accepted the first edition of ECMA-262 in June 1997. After that, several times it has been updated from time to time.

The Name ECMAScript was finally accepted by Ecma International, Netscape and Microsoft.


If you want to learn ECS6 you must have prior knowledge of basic Javascript.


This ES6 is aimed at providing knowledge to javascript developers who have been working  on Normal Javascript and Jquery and wants to enhance the knowledge of modern Javascript.
This is also good for those who have been working on modern programming patterns like Object-Oriented programming languages.