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HTML Introduction

HTML is an acronym of Hyper Text  Markup language which is used to develop static websites.

HT(HyperText) + ML(Markup Language)

The text using which we navigate from one page to another, is called hypertext.

Example :  <a href=””>Google</a>

Here the text ‘Google’ is HyperText 

Browser understands only the formatting of text through tags and attributes of HTML only.
We make the browser to understand the formatting through tags or Mark-up.

Example :   <strong>Hello</strong>

The output will be Hello
In the above code <strong> is the Markup which tells the browser to make the text ‘bold’.

Since HTML is full of Hype Text and Markup, that is why HTML is called  Hypertext markup language.


HTML Is not a full-fledged programing language

Programming languages have functional purposes. HTML, as a markup language doesn’t really “do” anything other than formatting of the text and rendering it into the browsers. HTML does have any programming logic.It have no very simple conditional statements such as If/Else. Operators are not part of HTML. Also it does not handle the event based on user input.There is also no concept of function in HTML. Above all, it does not even have capacity for add simple  2+ 2 and display output.
That is why HTML is not a full-fledged programing language.