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JQuery Introduction

jQuery is an extremely popular JavaScript library. It's so popular that every developer or designer must know this library. It provides DOM based selector which can be used to manipulate the web pages and serve the end user highly interactive web experience.

It's Jquery which catapulted JavaScript to the height where it is today.

Using Jquery one can do almost everything including run-time background change, image manipulation, slider banners and even complex sections such as chart generation.

The functions Show/Hide, FadeIn FadeOut are so common that without this it is almost impossible to build interactive web pages.

Jquery power does not stop here. It provides event handling functions such as onClick, OnmouseOver etc. using which users can interact with the web interfaces such as buttons, images etc. It also provides animations using which one can animate the object.

In Ajax technology ,Jquery is used which makes the website more user-friendly. Ajax is a technology which is used to send and receive data without page refresh.

When JQuery is combined with CSS3, it becomes a really very powerful tool for the developers to make the website highly interactive and user-friendly.

Jquery was launched in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. It is currently developed and maintained by a team of developers led by Dave Methvin.