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PHP Environment Setup

Before start doing coding, we have to setup development environment for coding. For that we need following software/tools.

  • PHP version 6.xx or later
  • MySql 5.xx
  • Apache Web server
  • PHP/MyAdmin

For the above software or tools we have two options. Either we can download each from their respective official websites and install separately and work or we can download XAMPP or WAMPP software which includes all the above software. So, installing Xampp or Wampp can solve your entire problem and can install all the above mentioned software.

In this tutorial, I have used Xampp software. But you can use wampp also in you like so.

Let’s follow these steps to download and install xampp in your local computer.

Step 1:  Download Xampp from apachefriends website

Step 2 :  Install Xampp

Step 3: Start Xampp

To start XAMPP go to Xampp folder and then double click on xampp-controll.exe  as shown in the figure.

And then you should see this screen.

Click on both start buttons to start xampp and MySql. For the time being you can skip ‘MySql’ start, you have to start Apache.


And then you should see this screen. If the start button turns green, that means your server is running.


Output :