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PHP Introduction


PHP is a popular server side scripting language that is especially used for web development.

PHP is fast, flexible and powerful which makes PHP popular from other web programing languages. Most of the website around the world is powered by PHP/MySql.

Before you know more about PHP, I would like to let you know about the difference Between Client side programming language and Server side programming language.

What is difference between Client side and Server side programming language?

Client Side Programming Language:The programming language which runs on client machine and it does not need to communicate with the server. The software which parses or interprets the language is called interpreter and the interpreter software are inside the browsers itself.


Server side Programming languages:The programming languages which run on server and require any server software to run, is called server side programming languages. For any validation and database operation it needs to communicate with the server.


How PHP, Apache and MySql Works?

Take the real life example:


Customer goes to a restaurant and orders the food to the waiter and waiter gives the list to food items ordered by customer to cook.  Cooks have required materials at his cooking place but if he needs more materials then he brings from store room.

Now consider here the scenario:  A client does not need to communicate to the cook directly. Also the client does not have to know what gradient the cook has mixed to make the food. And client also does not have the access of store room. What client needs is prepared food.

Look at below figure and you can understand how PHP MySql and Apache work to serve the pages.


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